Environmental Assessments With Precision

Aspen has expertise in completing a variety of on-site assessments that may be required at the initial planning stage, during the life of the operation, and upon reclamation. These assessments may include:

  • Pre-disturbance Site Assessment
  • Detailed Soil Survey
  • Vegetation Assessment
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Flood Plain Risk Assessment
  • Floodplain Planning and River Analysis
  • Ecosite Classification
  • Existing Disturbance/Liability
  • Financial Security Evaluation
  • Timber Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Detailed Site Assessments for Reclamation Certification
  • Wetland Identification, Delineation, and Classification

Aspen's Monitoring Programs

  • Reclamation Monitoring
  • Wetland Monitoring
  • Terrestrial monitoring
  • Water Monitoring
  • Compliance Monitoring

Creative Solutions that Work

Aspen's Approach Separates us From the Rest

Aspen has been an industry leader for over 10 years. Our expertise allows us to provide unique, personalized, and cost-effective services to assist you in meeting regulatory requirements and improving environmental performance.

  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • COR-Certified
  • Experienced Results