Aspen is Alberta's Leader in Aggregate Testing

We provide aggregate exploration services that can assist in making informed decisions when searching for new or investigating existing aggregate reserves prior to testing. Our systematic approach to finding potential aggregate sources saves money and resources by narrowing the focus on areas that are identified as having a higher

likelihood of containing aggregate based on specific parameters and key indicators.

Once a potential aggregate resource is identified, we assist with preparation and implementation of a preliminary and/or intensive aggregate testing program to determine the extent of the deposit.

Did You Know?

Aspen was successful in locating, confirming and acquiring a source of aggregate for Northern Sunrise County that is anticipated to meet their aggregate needs for over 300 years.

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Aspen's Approach Separates us From the Rest

Aspen has been an industry leader for over 10 years. Our expertise allows us to provide unique, personalized, and cost-effective services to assist you in meeting regulatory requirements and improving environmental performance.

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